Remember Monday’s post about five things? I wanted to see how I did five days later on the things I wanted/needed/had on my to do list!


Things I Want:

  1. One last pedicure for the year- maybe this weekend
  2. A new Camelbak- Resisted
  3. A juice from M Fresh- Resisted
  4. A day to go on a road trip– Going tomorrow actually!! It’s all planned out and everything!
  5. The tomato pie I plan to cook tonight– Totally made it, though it happened Tuesday I think

Things I Need:

  1. New clothes- Resisted
  2. To work out at least three times this week– Made it twice so far, maybe tonight will be the third
  3. To go to bed by 11 p.m. each weeknight (not looking promising…)– Total and utter fail!
  4. A new nightstand (a mid century modern one that looks like this, but that needs to be refinished)- Still looking!
  5. The finishing touch for the art wall I’m creating in our living room- Still looking!

Things I Bought at the Grocery Store This Weekend:

  1. Newman’s Own Cabernet Marinara Sauce- All gone, so tasty on rigatoni pasta
  2. Gardein Chick’n Scallopini (you’ll see why later in the week!)- All gone on a recipe I hope to debut next week!
  3. Gala apples- All gone as work snacks
  4. WP Rawl kale (yay kale!)- All gone as kale chips, last night
  5. a quart of plain Chobani- All gone as weekday breakfast

Things I Have to Do This Week:

  1. Weight lifiting class tonight
  2. Sync my iPhone before my new one delivers on Friday (5c in green!)
  3. Wrap the present for a co-ed baby shower Friday night
  4. Pitch a new story idea to the magazine I write for– Sort of, I did email in to say hi and ask for editorial themes
  5. Steam clean the kitchen and bathroom floors- On the docket for this weekend


At first it seemed like an ambitious week, and despite it being busy with other obligations, I feel pretty good about my accomplishments. Things of note are that I am trying very hard to not spend much money day to day, which is difficult with so many awesome places within walking distance of my office. The new Bubble Tea Cafe, on the ground floor of the Cornell Arms building, has been the recipient of quite a few of my dollars since they opened just a few weeks ago. And the changing of the seasons always makes me want to get brand new clothes, what with the summer ones being on sale but it still being warm enough to warm them for several more months.

Working out, celebrations with friends, and keeping my freelance writing moving are all other important things that have been tended to this week, though I always wish that there was time for more of all of three of those things. It’s way too easy to over schedule though, which leads to burnout and resentment, which is why I am going to take the time to really, really enjoy my mini road trip tomorrow to Ikea, Mary Jo’s Cloth Store, and Windy Hill Orchard in York for some apple picking!