It’s been a while since I’ve done an exploration of a new ethnic store, and this one is one I really should have gotten to sooner since it’s fairly close to home. It’s Golden Asia, which is right next to and affiliated with Golden Chopstix. They are both located in the run-down Granby Crossing on Charleston Highway where it intersects with L Avenue.

Golden Chopstix is a Vietnamese and Thai restaurant, so I figured that they would have the Thai ingredients that I’ve been searching for. Walking in I was greeted by the man and woman working and asked them if there was a credit card minimum since a lot of smaller shops like that do have one. Theirs was five dollars and initially I didn’t think I was going to be able to find five dollars’ worth of merchandise after the first aisle which was mostly kind of weird stuff like nail salon flip flops and off brand cleaning supplies.

Then I went down the mostly tea aisle and found some Thai tea packets which were $4.99. I then found an aloe drink for $1.75, then something I’ve been searching for for years: golden mountain sauce.

This stuff is apparently THE ingredient in Thai food so I am supremely excited to try and potentially update my drunken noodles recipe. Updates will be shared. It cost $2.99 for a large bottle that should last for the rest of my life, unless all I eat is drunken noodles.

One last purchase was a fabric fold up fan with gorgeous embroidered detailing that cost only $1.50.

So for a grand total of $10.49, I brought home this glorious bounty:

While this store isn’t as comprehensive as Asian Market near Dutch Square, it’s a good close to home alternative with a few good staples I’ll be able to stock up on, including canned jackfruit to make delicious vegan bbq! As for the restaurant, I am planning to get some carryout from there this week since my self imposed spending challenge will be over!

What items do you get from ethnic stores?