It’s been a while since I just chatted typed about nothing in particular and it feels like a great time to do just that! It’s summertime in Columbia, which means mosquitoes, heat, humidity, swimming, and sitting outside in the evenings with a citronella candle.

I’ve been craving a night of pure shenanigans with friends lately but I know that you can’t force the fun in those situations and it feels incredibly awkward when you try to because you’re trying to recapture the amazing carefree feeling that those kinds of nights used to embody. My solution is to just keep trying and surrounding myself with the kind of fun people that those nights are made of. Let’s go out for a beer or two. But no more than four, unless you want to drive me home and listen to me complain the next day.

Switching it up- I recently completed a Pinteresty project that I thought turned out really well! The book club that I am part of (thanks for the invite Liz!! You’re the best!) read Wild for our June meeting so I decided to make snack that went with the theme, these cute little hedgehog cookies! They are wild animals, right?

If I do these again or make a ton at once I would invest in an edible pen to make the eyes and nose instead of using a toothpick dipped in chocolate, which is why some of their eyes look like like they are crying tears of chocolate.

I am really enjoying book club because I usually read cookbooks, or whatever is on the “new” section at the library that has an appealing title or cover. Yes, I have selected books by the color of the book jacket before, which probably limits me a lot. This should change that at least a little! Next month is The Family by Mario Puzo. I picked it up from the library yesterday and can’t wait to start reading. But because I am myself, I also picked up two books on Thai cooking since I am looking to up my Asian food game. I am constantly craving Asian food of all kinds- Thai, cheap Chinese, good Chinese, sushi…

Patrick and I went to Charleston for a day trip this past weekend. We ate. We drank. We enjoyed ourselves so much I am going to detail it in another post. But the beer milkshakes at the Joe, OMG. I sucked the Palmetto Porter Chocolate right on down, and I am not even a big fan of chocolatey beers. I foresee another game in our future so I can try the Guinness Caramel. Apparently you can’t take them to go, a true travesty for me as I would have finished it before we even got in the car, it was THAT GOOD.