With all of the rain we’ve been getting lately in South Carolina, the water has to go somewhere, and that somewhere is up. Up higher along the edges of the rivers and lakes, and its crept up so much this time that it’s the talk of the town amongst those of us who commute over one of the many main bridges into downtown everyday. I rode my bike down there yesterday after work for a little exercise and a lot of photos of nature doing what nature does best: anything it wants.

WIS was down there thigh deep filming a story about the situation.

Did you come for the show? Sorry, they floated away.

View from a slightly higher vantage point.

You can really see how close the river is coming to some of these houses. Maybe this is why they are required to be a minimum of three stories high. Yes, it’s a requirement in that neighborhood.

I rode through the old Cayce Brickworks and stopped to take a few photos there too.

Let’s go for a wal.. oh nevermind.

The water is creeping up that hill towards those apartments.

And creeping up the stairs. You can see the flood marker over towards the right is almost totally covered up.

That same flood marker as seen from above, standing on the Blossom St. bridge.

Columbia isn’t a big city but I do love the skyline, especially with this beautiful river in front of it.

I walked my bike across on the sidewalk, but rode my bike in the bike lane back across. It wasn’t so bad, but it’s still slightly nervewracking.

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