Growing up in South Carolina, you learn early on that barbecue is a Real Big Deal. But as a very little kid, I saw barbeque and thought it looked disgusting. I couldn’t understand how anyone would put something so weird looking in their mouths. And like it. Then at the tender age of 11 I quit eating meat and barbecue was never a deal of any sort to me. It was just another thing I avoided at the buffet line and in backyards in the summer.

But as I became more interested in the Southern food culture I realized that I am really missing out on a bones-deep tradition around these parts. I never bothered to try any of the three main types of Southern barbecue sauce, and I still don’t even know if I prefer the vinegar, tomato, or mustard based sauces, although according to this chart I am ingrained from birth to like the yellow.

This vinegar based sauce comes from what should be mustard country, but it proclaims it to be what it is right on the bottle in black and white. I wanted to keep it simple with this bright and tangy sauce so that the flavor would really shine, so I took to a big block of tofu and sliced it into three chunks and poured Big Ed’s over it and put it in the fridge to marinate overnight.

I don’t know Big Ed personally but I have a feeling he wouldn’t have ever though anyone would use his sauce on tofu. The next day Patrick had the grill on so I decided to toss my tofu on there to grill it up. Lucky for me, Patrick was paying attention because I totally forgot I had anything grilling. He even used the remainder of the sauce to continue basting it as it grilled. Beautiful grill marks appeared, giving it an even more meat-like appearance, despite the clean straight edges that gave it away for what it was.

When it was ready I plated it and tore into it, ready to become a (tofu) BBQ convert.

The only thing I would have done differently on this is to use a fork to poke holes in the tofu before marinating it so that the sauce would have been able to seep deeper into the tofu itself. But other than that it was really good and tangy. Next up… tomato based, and yellow. By the end of the summer, I’ll determine my final preference!

 Disclosure: provided me with this sauce and other goodies. All opinions are mine.