My life and this blog are not in sync lately. Hence why I wrote about my birthday celebration two weeks later, and why I am also just now writing about our fourth anniversary two weeks later. I’m learning to juggle my paying deadlines with this writing space, so there’s that.

Patrick and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary on May 16th, which fell on a Thursday this year. That morning we planned it out over Facebook chat to go to the Kraken for dinner. Then we decided to go to World of Beer for their Conquest Brewing night because it fell in with the theme of a fourth anniversary, which is fruit, flowers, or appliances. If you’ve been reading me for a while, you may remember that I am very emphatic about us getting each other gifts that correspond to the anniversary gifts list because the constraints make the gift giving challenging and memorable.

So the fruit. I had gotten Patrick a really cool Martha Stewart cheese grater because our other one was starting to crack and be less sturdy, but it has been with us for a good three or four years by now. That satisfied the appliance part of it. The next part of my plan was to get him a berry bush to plant. Since he would be out of town over the weekend, I gave it to him Sunday. I also impulse bought a Confederate jasmine bush because it smelled amazing, and also was floral, fulfullling all three parts of the gift exchange.

I got home from work that day and found a spread on the kitchen table. Fruits in baskets galore! Apples, mangoes, fruit crackers, blueberry cheese, Italian soda, and berries. I ate a few berries, and we headed out to go to WoB.

One of their special kegs that night was a “Wobacolada” which was their Sacred Heartier hopped with pineapple and coconut (thanks to Drink. Blog. Repeat. for blogging about it because I couldn’t remember which of their beers was in this). According to our friend Jeff who works there at Conquest, it hadn’t been in the keg as long as it should have so the flavor wasn’t as pronounced as it coulda, shoulda been. It was tasty but if I hadn’t known what it was I never would have picked up on the coconut and pineapple notes. I’d definitely be interested in trying it again after it had been lounging with the fruit for longer.

Patrick started off with the Conquest Medusa Stout and seemed to like it, from the drained glass.

Another weird one for the night was their Artemis Blonde (my favorite so far of their brews) ran through the randall with jalapenos, cucumbers, and lemon thyme. It sounds so crazy and I still wonder how they came up with it, but it was REALLY good. Would definitely drink again. This is the randall machine. It’s a little smaller than I imagined, but looks really cool!

And this is the sample size of it:

That arm in the background belongs to our friend Jeff. Hi Jeff. Here is he bestowing wisdom upon us. Sarcasm only mildly intended, he actually is wisdomous about the beer. Say hi to him Saturday at their tasting room opening.

Have you had any Conquest suds yet? If not, they are opening their tasting room after an arduous licensing and inspection process this Saturday, June 1 starting at 2 p.m. They’ll be serving up samples and filling growlers while the British Bulldog Pub will be there serving food to fill your belly. Keep up with opening day activities on their Facebook page.

Cheers to them and to my noodle for four years and counting of (mostly) pure awesome.