Last (last) week I decided in the morning that not another day could pass without me checking out the new Basil that recently opened in Cross Hill Market, since I love their Charleston location so much. After putting the word out on Facebook, I had four fun ladies ready to join me for a last minute, right after work Thai dinner! Of course, the remainder of my day was spent stealing glances at the menu on their website trying to settle on What To Order, a very important task.

So after scrambling to get to my car so I could get there because after foregoing my afternoon snack, I was hongry. I found two of my friends, Cynthia and Jessica at the bar since they wouldn’t seat a party until everyone was there, so they had to wait for all of us to get there, even Kara who was coming from the St. Andrews area. As we walked to our table I noticed the interior, which had come a LONG way since the last time I peeked in after battling an old lady for a spot in the parking lot in maybe late February, early March.

But now it is glorious and OPEN. It’s painted in soothing, sage green tones, which complements the gorgeous wood accents used everywhere, even up on the ceiling. It’s like a spa. A spa where they serve Thai food. The dining part of the restaurant is shaped like a capital L, with a very open seating plan. Expect to see someone you know there!

We got seated immediately after everyone arrived and our ordered were taken fairly quickly. I ordered egg rolls for the table, and Cynthia ordered the spring rolls. The egg rolls are meatless, and the spring rolls have shrimp, which seems backwards to me, but the egg rolls were good! Nice and crisp on the outside, unlike when you get Chinese takeout. The shadows on this are a little weird because Basil has tall, high windows which let in a lot of sunlight which is great unless you have a table that’s mostly in it and you’re facing the sun. The upper portion of the windows could use a little shade or sun blocking, I will say.

We all ordered and got our food relatively quickly. Basil’s servers have these cool electronic doodads that they use to enter orders, which I like because it saves paper and probably time. I have a theory that if a restaurant is named after a particular kind of food, you have to order that the first time you go. So I ordered the Basil with tofu, which is onions, peppers, tofu and basil in a special brown sauce. Rice comes in a container on the side to assist in sopping up every last droplet of that gloriously savory brown sauce. Cynthia ordered the same.

Next up is the pad thai Jessica had.

And… something Kara had. I was really busy scarfing down every morsel of my dinner. Every last one, seriously.

Thai thai thai. I love Thai. Is it better than my other favorite Thai in town? I can’t say because I need to have it again for comparison purposes, but I think these are two different kinds of Thai and are not comparable, but if I change my opinion I’ll let ya’ll know.