Last year Patrick got me a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens for our anniversary (he claims it has crystal in it, I’m cool with that answer) and it has really helped me become more interested in upping my photography game. I’m still by no means super great at it, but it’s getting better I think. This past weekend I took it outside and personal with our little garden that we have growing in beds around the house.

Purple mustard (tastes great baked like kale chips!!!)

This sprouted out of the compost. I emailed a photo to a master gardener who says its Irish potato. We’ll see!

This is another compost pile surprise! It appears to be broccoli! I’ve never seen broccoli as it grows so this is a fun sprout.

Beets! I don’t know why we are growing these, I don’t like beets and Patrick won’t drink beet juice anymore. But the luscious red stalks are so pretty.

In August I bought a lime tree from Seven Oaks Plant Shop and while I brought it inside and kept it alive through the winter I wasn’t entirely sure that it would ever produce limes. These little buds and flowers starting to grow from it are encouraging though! Any tips on lime tree growing?

The basil plants after I harvested a bunch from them to make pesto. Those little doodads that fall from the oak trees are making the bed look really messy, which makes me want to get some fresh mulch this weekend and pretty it up.

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