Wow, where did I even go for the past week? Well, a weird aversion to writing struck, for one. And living life struck, for another, so in the spirit of a short attention span, a bullet point list for you, with photos of the titular grilled romaine.

  • On the last Saturday of March I went to Florence to Meet, Eat & Tweet with members of Carolina Bloggin’ at Southern Hops Brewing Company. I’ll talk about this more in another post, as it deserves its own. But I have to say this, we stopped at Sweet, A Cupcake Company after the tweet up for a sweet, and WOAH WHAT. The Strawberry Fields Forever cupcake I had was amazing. The cake had a delectably light crumb and wasn’t just a platform for the icing. And the icing itself was pure, fluffy and sweet like a strawberry instead of over sweetened and vaguely reminiscent of a strawberry. The best part for us in Columbia is that they have a new, second location at the Village at Sandhills. I am not one to just go all the way to Sandhills, but I would for one of these confections, believe me. Just go. And take me too? I want to swing by HomeGoods as well, thanks.
  • Last Thursday I convinced Summer to skip class and come to the South in Your Mouth event at World of Beer with me, where over 40 South Carolina brewed beers were on tap, the most ever in one bar at one time. I sampled a lot but ended up with my favorite beer of all time, Westbrook’s White Thai. If they ever stop brewing that, the world will truly end.
  • I have several deadlines for articles due this month and being a Real Writer, I like to let the pressures of deadlines spur me into activity. This is a photo I took for a soon to be published article, which is going to be fun to write, as the whole visit and interview was just so lovely and the folks so charming. Those are the kinds of articles I truly love to write.                            
  • Speaking of writing, on days that my articles are published there’s nothing I want more than to show my grandfather my bylines and see him read them.
  • Last week I threw some lettuce on the grill. Yep. Lettuce on the grill. I followed the instructions, except I didn’t let the cheese melt enough. Still tasty and I’ll definitely be using some of my CSA lettuce to recreate this (CSA THIS WEEK!!!!!!!).
  • Okay, that’s enough bullet points, I’m starting to wander now, but remember! There is a ton of stuff to do this month so start doing them. Find me there and we’ll be slightly socially awkward together at the Sustainable Chefs Showcase at Indie Grits, as I am an official ticket holder now.