Grilled cheese sandwiches bring back the memory of staying home from school, sick on the couch with a dire math class hating fever, watching the Price is Right and eating white bread and yellow cheesefood slice grilled cheeses dipped in Campbell’s tomato soup. A desire for comfort and the joy in taking time for oneself must be the driving force behind my latest grilled cheese obsession, which has matured a bit since my elementary, middle, and high school days.

These days my grilled cheese bread is a multigrain loaf from Crust Bakehouse, the cheese is an ever rotating cast of whatever has caught mine or Patrick’s eyes at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, or any other fine cheese purveyors at the local markets on the occasions that we make it out there. And just cheese and bread isn’t good enough for me anymore. I’m throwing in vegetables, fruits, herbs, arugula, and all sorts of crazy things into my grilled cheeses as an adult with a refined and discerning palate (don’t even look in my pantry, you’ll definitely question that notion).

Sunday I made slow roasted cherry tomatoes and we kept eating them like little pieces of weird vegetable candy until there was only a big handful left. As suggested, I put them in a jar along with the roasted garlic and covered them in olive oil until I could figure out how to use what was left over.

The perfect idea hit me when I decided to use two of the last three slices of my Crust bread (nooooooo), and add these, and basil from my freshly planted basil bush, to a sandwich along with one of the cheeses that Patrick had bought the day before. I was about to use a Celtic cheese (From Teej’s, of course), but after tasting a chunk it didn’t seem like it’d go with the sweet but pungent little red jewels, and decided to go for the goat… Goat cheese!

So goat cheese, oil soaked roasted tomatoes, and fresh basil all piled between two slices of fresh bread brings us here:

Since the daylight has been lasting longer I decided to take advantage of a large window we have in one of the bedrooms to try photographing with some natural lighting. As you can tell from the above photo… it’s a bit too blue tinted. I clearly need some help, which is why I am organizing Food Photography & Styling: A Class. It will be held on May 11 at 2 p.m., and I’d love for you to join us! Tickets and additional information can be found here.

Despite my photographic shortcomings, I did find a really useful tool lying around my house that Patrick’s friend Cecil left here the weekend that they had a rap concert in my house. RAP CONCERT IN MY HOUSE. This was the weekend I was in Washington DC, so I missed it, but I hear that the dogs were just as involved in it as they were in checking out my photography set up last night. But that music stand is AWESOME. It’s lightweight AND height adjustable. Mine forever, sorry, Cecil.