Ever have one of those restaurants you just keep hearing about and keep saying, “I can’t believe I haven’t gone there yet!”? That’s how I was about Gervais & Vine, and once I read on Twitter that they started opening for lunch again fairly recently I knew I wanted to go. Two weeks ago I made plans with fellow local food bloggess and new author Laura, to take in the tastes of this place once and for all for a lunch date.

Despite it being a miserably chilly and rainy day, we still ventured out to the Vista and enjoyed the plentiful parking behind G&V (accessible at Pulaski Street), which is a rarity in downtown especially during a weekday lunch.

After waffling on getting a cocktail, we ordered appetizers and entrees. Laura got the pimento cheese sandwich minus the jalepeno cornbread (they had just run out), while I ordered marinated manchego cheese, garlic-Parmesan fries, and the Ensalada de la Fresa Balsamico.

I totally didn’t photograph the fries for some reason, but the salad is as gorgeous as it tasted, which is to say, very much so.

Their desserts are another highly praised item, so of course we couldn’t pass them up, but the hour was quickly dwindling so we got them to go. I chose a warm caramel apple pie which was immediately consumed once I got back to my office. After a car ride and being carried around it wasn’t in photographable condition but was like an apple cobbler with caramel generously drizzled on.

Per the norm, their lunch prices are less expensive than dinner prices since the serving size is not as large, so if you’re looking to get a taste of a really nice restaurant such as G&V without breaking the bank, take yourself here for a midday treat, and don’t skip on trying the caramel apple pie, even if it is to go.

I can’t comment on the Vine part of the restaurant since I didn’t have any fermented grape juice, but they appear to have a good selection of wines and should be able to assist you in picking out a suitable wine if you’re like me and just choose the funniest name or cheapest by the glass price.

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