That title really makes no sense unless you read my last post about having a spending free weekend and also if you knew that I had fallen ill-ish on Saturday morning by way of Twitter. Yes, I woke up with my throat closed up tight all because I was outside for maybe an hour on Friday, enjoying the beautiful weather. And not only was my throat swollen nearly shut, I was sore as all get out from a pretty intense weightlifting session Friday afternoon at the gym.

My trapezius muscles in particular (highlighted in red, above) were letting me know that they had not seen much of a workout in years and weren’t big fans of being woken up so abruptly. All of this leads to one painful neck, all day long. I barely remember what all I did that day, but do remember getting chilly and crawling under the covers around 6 p.m. I didn’t fully wake back up until 8:30 a.m. on Sunday. Getting 14 hours of sleep was a strange surprise, since it’s a struggle for me to get even half that on normal nights.

You can see why after all of that nonsense, I’d want to wake up and eat some powerful and protein filled food to get my body back on track. After a discussion on my Facebook page earlier in the week about egg salad, I thought, “Perfect! Let’s see what my most trusted cookbook has to offer me in the way of recipes.”

Ol’ Betty let me down a little though. She didn’t include mustard in her version and I couldn’t accept that. It was time to just make it up taste it up, and write it down. I set ten eggs to boiling with the most useful kitchen gadget ever, the egg timer. It starts out red and goes to purple when it’s done and works like perfection every single time.

I believe there’s as many different recipes for egg salad as there are people that make it, but if you need a jumping off point like I did, here’s mine. As for scaling it down, my mom said that she uses one egg for every sandwich that she plans to make, which I didn’t realize until after I had the eggs boiling. Clearly we’ll be eating this for a long, long time.

My sandwich below is garnished with “mustard microgreens” aka what Patrick was thinning out from his garden this morning. It seemed like an appropriate use/garnish, but not having them certainly won’t detract from this sandwich but it sure does pretty it up!

Egg Salad with Pickles

makes enough for around 10 sandwiches


  • 10 eggs
  • 3 tablespoons prepared yellow mustard
  • 3 tablespoons mayonnaise
  • 1 dill pickle, finely diced
  • salt and pepper to taste (celery salt if you like that extra tinge of flavor!)


  1. Boil the eggs until they are hard boiled (use directions or an egg timing device)
  2. Once cool, peel the eggs and place in a large mixing bowl. Add mayo, mustard.
  3. Mash with a fork or potato masher until chunky.
  4. Add the diced pickles and salt and pepper to taste. Remember the flavor will be more pronounced after chilling in the fridge overnight so take care not to over season.
  5. Spread on sandwich bread and enjoy!

So, do you put pickles in your egg salad? Mustard? Celery? Also how else other than on a sandwich do you eat your egg salad? Tell me your secrets.