Today is the 15th of the month which means PAY DAYYY! but once I calculated out how much will be put towards the mid-month bills and towards paying the credit card back down, I’ll be broke again within minutes of getting paid. Well, broke isn’t the exact truth, but I think of it that way since I prefer to maintain a minimum balance in my bank accounts for emergencies. You just never know when they’ll crop up! This being this case, I like to plan little-to-no spending days or weekends, since planning is the best way to stay ahead. When I get bored or restless I’ll look at this post and remember all of the free or almost-free things I can be doing instead of “just browsing” for things, going out to eat/drink, or starting cost-heavy projects around the house.

Friday Go to the gym for a long, leisurely weight lifting session after work. Most evenings I feel like I need to get out of there and gone in an hour to go attend to everything else that needs to be done on school nights, but Fridays are different. Fridays are relaxed, with no expectations for the night or the next morning so staying at the gym is easier if I so desire. Since that’s still the case, a late dinner doesn’t matter. I’ll prepare something that is a little more involved, or go about it at a more leisurely pace than usual, snacking along the way.

Saturday– I like to start my Saturdays with some relaxing with my coffee. That’s step numero uno right there. I’ve been using the Notes app on my iPhone to fill it up with little chores and to-dos for myself so I can be sure to have a list of things at hand that need to be tackled on the homefront. And I’ll be joining Shanika and Jernell at Cafe Strudel for some stitchin’ & bitchin’ since I have so many baby blankets to whip up since everyone else is popping them out faster than I can crochet!

Sunday– I have had a pile of things from around the house that I have been meaning to take to Bones Rugs & Harmony for at least a month. Have you been to BR&H yet? It’s a funky little homeware and furniture consignment shop in Five Points, next to Tic Toc Candy Shop! It’ll be fun to be in Five Points on St. Patrick’s Day without being at the 50,000 person party happening the day before. I went last year for the race and to walk around, so this year I’ll take a little break from the biggest St. Pat’s celebration in the Southeast.

How do you keep yourself from spending money on the weekends?