After much consideration on the topic, I finally made a Facebook fan page for this here web site log, as a way to connect more with readers, local and national businesses, and other bloggers, so let’s get connecting! It’s a bit slow moving at the moment but it’s really fun interacting with people via that medium! In other Facebook-y news, if you’re a Columbia area food blogger, writer, or eater, our group is here. The more interaction in it, the more fun for everyone! Because there’s so much fun, you should definitely “like” it all.

Speaking of connecting, I’m pretty excited to travel to Florence on March 30th for a Meet, Eat & Tweet put on by Carolina Bloggin’ to do well, all of those things with like minded folks from both North & South Carolina! Get your tickets here, and if you’d like to do a carpool out of Columbia drop me a line.

I also added an Instagram icon so that if you aren’t on it (why aren’t you?) you can see the cool in the moment photos two ways: via the Instagram profile and via the widget on the sidebar. –> Have you heard this Instagram song? It’s hilarious. And that’s about all I got to say today! Happy weekend!!