Who has given up their new year’s resolutions already? Yeah? Yeah? No? Awesome. I’ve been working on finding a fitness schedule/combination that I can stick with and right in time for the month of March, have found what seems to be a beautiful sweet spot. At the end of every week (aka over the weekend) I’ll review how I did each week, but for the beginning of this week and the plan, here’s what I have in mind:

Mondays: Awesome Abs and Rep Reebok class (strength training)

Tuesdays: Awesome Abs and Cardio step class

Wednesdays: rest day or light walk after work with a dog

Thursdays: Intermediate level yoga class

Fridays: Solo strength training for 30-45 minutes

Weekend: possibly a yoga class, walk/run on the Riverwalk with a dog, or bicycling but no concrete plans to do any

Exercising after work is absolutely ideal for me, despite all of the annoyingly perky bloggers posting about ways to learn to wake up at 4 a.m. to go run in the snow like they do. No way. No. Way. I feel more alert and ready to work out after the 9 to 5 and no amount of caffeine or thinspiration quotes will get me going when I just don’t want to.

The only issue I’ve found when exercising after work is that this cuts out having social time on weeknights because there’s the time spent at the gym, then the not wanting to go out because of being sweaty, and the time showering after. But this month I want to spend it really focusing on improving my fitness, and after spending more time at the gym the past three weeks I can already tell a marked difference.

So here’s to keeping myself accountable and getting back to a level of physical fitness that I enjoyed when I worked in a gym and went wake boarding nearly every day! My bag is packed and ready to go.