Being social is a good thing, and even if we have to force ourselves out, we should absolutely make those personal connections with people, otherwise we begin to think of people as less real since we only “see” them through a screen. My Twitter-to-real-life buddy Jen and I made a long time coming lunch date last week at Il Giorgione, where we planned to eat all of the cheese and catch up without two screens betwixt us.

Il Giorgione is where Virtu once was on Devine, adjacent to longtime establishment Dianne’s on Devine. Thanks to her excellent driving and parking skills, we got a spot right at the front door, though it looked like there were several other 2 hour parking only spots available (and with no meters, to boot!) around, which is something to consider when going out for lunch in a city. We got seated and settled in quickly and perused the options, all of the glorious options. Since at the time I was avoiding acidic foods like tomatoes, I opted for a non-tomato based meal and started off with Italian Egg Drop Soup. It’s made with chicken broth (vegetarian warning) but like I said, sometimes exceptions must be made for good soups, and this was a great exception to make. It’s made just like egg drop soup at your favorite Chinese place, but with baby spinach leaves swirled in, and a more pronounced Italian flavor.

The main course I selected was more green stuff- this time in the form of Spaghetti Aglio Olio e Rapini. It’s perfectly seasoned with olive oil, bits of roasted garlic cloves, and rapini, a form of broccoli. The crusty bread on the side was great for sopping up the leftover oils. Warning: this dish is pungent with garlic, so don’t plan to say, go to the dentist or tell secrets in close proximity after eating this.

The dessert menu here is absolutely bangin’ and if we had had time and stretchier pants we might have gotten multiples. The gelato sounded heavenly, but the cannoli won out. Each serving is plated with a vanilla AND a chocolate, with freshly prepared whipped cream and a sliced strawberry. While Jen tried to delicately fork her cannoli, I took the fingers approach towards getting them in my face faster. The cream is delicately fluffy, with a the lightest vanilla flavoring and isn’t sickly sweet, letting the sugars from the fried shell shine instead.  Can I have some more?

And if all of that hasn’t convinced you, maybe this hilarious WACH Fox video at Il Giorgione where they show off some seriously gorgeous freshly made mozzerella cheese will do the trick. I will be back within the month of March to have some more of what they have to offer, probably even multiple desserts next time too! Additionally, this is another place I can cross off of my Spring’s Eatings List!

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