being myself.

feeling overwhelmed and regularly whelmed. I’m alternating the feelings.

reading blogs, notes I need to type up, email marketing for work, Twitter

thinking about getting early sign ups for Food Photography & Styling: A Class.

longing for a few luxuriously long days off with no plans.

laughing at myself, because I’m hilarious.

looking forward to yoga tonight.

journaling has been lacking a bit lately, my last post was Monday. But I have deadlines and lots of writing I’m doing at work so the motivation to write even more isn’t at it’s highest.

loving the idea of it actually getting warmer.

running to yoga after work today. And by running I mean scurrying there, not pounding the pavement.

hoping to get to bed by 11 p.m. again soon.

anticipating a ton of fun events coming up soon. I’ve been staying in a lot to save money, but I’ll be spending plenty in admission and it’ll be worth every cent come next month!

missing the feeling of being able to open my mouth wide. I have a cut on the corner of my lips and it hurts.

planning how to maximize my time tonight to take a shower between yoga and dinner with friends.

listening to Boston, Bad Company and Queen stations shuffling on Pandora.

making ideas about what to make or do for dinner.