So what’s new with you? I feel like I’ve been on the surface here for a while but haven’t really delved in. While I’m waiting for your response I’ll tell you what’s new with me, because I feel like being internet chatty about working out, since I’m making it a larger part of my life again.

I’ve decided in the past two weeks to just start exercising more. No workout plan, no goals, just to move more. If I don’t have anything going on after work, something’s got to happen, be it a yoga class, getting an elliptical workout in at the gym, or walking the dog for a few miles before the sun goes down. It’s worked fairly well so far and I even found my new favorite day/time of the week to go lift weights, 5 p.m. on Fridays. There were very few people at the gym, and I like to have space when doing free weights because it’s a pain to have to act polite when in reality you don’t really want to have to share space in front of the mirror.

Since I mentioned the elliptical, I want to throw this out for discussion: running, yay or nay? I was talking to my aunt at Christmas about running and she told me very simply, “Don’t do it.”

I didn’t think about it more until recently when I realized that I could see my future playing out very easily. On one hand, there’s my mom who probably has never ran in her life. She has little to no pain issues that don’t directly come from somewhere else (like a car accident). Then there is my aunt, who played basketball all throughout high school and even went to Erskine on a basketball scholarship. She continued to be active as an adult and still does a lot, though more in the realm of heavy duty yard work than pavement pounding anymore. And she has suffered from lower back pain, heel spurs, has to get cortisone injections, and knows that knee surgery is in her near future.

Though I’ve already started down the same path as her with my five years of high school track, various jobs training at gyms, and plenty of other physical activity, I’d like to avoid surgeries or shots in the base of my spine. I’m going to pretend like it isn’t too late, but here’s hoping. I figuratively looked the other way tonight as I took a step class that made me sweat harder than I have in quite a while. Whew.

(Photo via: Stronghold Gym Facebook)

The sad part about not running is not running 5ks, which are on the whole, a pretty fun experience. There’s excitement in the air, you go faster tan usual because there’s a throng of people to keep pace with, and you get a t-shirt in the end that tells the world that you are in fact, a cool runner person.

But there are so many other ways to get moves in, like taking an aerial yoga class at Pink Lotus Yoga Center in Lexington, doing hula hooping with Columbia Hoops, or continuing to take a weekly(ish) intermediate yoga class at Sun Spirit Yoga Wellness in West Columbia. Patrick and I went to a special couple’s class at Sun Spirit on Valentine’s day and really enjoyed it. One of the couples in the class even made a heart by doing the reverse warrior position together! If you’re in the West Columbia area and are interested in a monthly yoga date night, there’s a form on the website now to indicate interest! Or if you’ve never been before and would like to try out the studio, let me know and I can get you your first class free.