Some nights I just don’t feel like cooking food that will be good for the next day’s lunch. Wednesday was just such a night for me, so Thursday morning I knew that a trip out for lunch was in order. In between bouts of doing work, I daydreamed about where to go. I wanted to make it a special occasion and drive somewhere for lunch rather than choosing from the ones within walking distance and finally settled on Tazikis, the new chain Mediterranean place that opened in Cross Hill Market.

I got there and immediately found a front row parking spot, which seemed like a sign that this was the right choice. After walking inside and seeing the line 15 people deep I started to doubt my decision. The dine in area, off to the left, was filled with a cacophony of voices from the dozens of patrons. Glancing around trying to pass the time, I looked at the modern clean lines of the ceiling and the walls juxtaposed against the natural materials. The line is semi open to the kitchen on the right side of the restaurant. Baklava in plastic clamshells lined the half wall that divides the kitchen work area from the line leading to the register, luring people to pick one up on the way to make their order. For future reference you can phone in your order ahead of time and save yourself the wait, though it only took about 15 minutes to get through the line. Hungry as I was, I ordered plenty of food. Spicy pimento cheese, a village veggie gyro- hold the tomatoes, and roasted potatoes on the side, to go.

The spicy pimento cheese came with chips but being that I was so hungry, I started digging into it with my fingers like a true heathen in the car on the way back. At every red light, my fingers were grasping for a bite before it turned green. By the time I got back to the office, there wasn’t much left. What I didn’t realize in the car is that it came with chips. Delicious chips, that tasted like crispy pizza crust. Don’t worry, they got (mostly) eaten thanks to Patrick’s strange guacamole later that night. This spicy pimento cheese was great. It was spicy but not hatefully so in that water wasn’t required to wash away the burn.

The sandwich was a nice pita, filled with peppers, cucumber, garden slaw, feta cheese, and Greek dressing. It was a nice sandwich but if it had tzazki sauce on the side to dip it in, it would have been even better- a note for next time. In addition to all that other food, I got a side of roasted potatoes. These potatoes were the star of my meal. Lemony and still savory, these were crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. This restaurant seems to be a welcome addition to the Cross Hill Market since everyone and their brother was in there. And once the next big place opens up, I may go back for lunch again, only next time I’ll try to be less hangry and enjoy the pimento cheese as intended- with the chips.

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