Currently it’s 9:26 p.m. and I am:

feeling kind of neutral. Work’s been really cranking up, but I’ve got a lot of good things going on. And I’m recovered from this weekend’s evil sickness, so things feel well.

writing  next month’s article in my head. My first Free Times article came out this week, and I am excited to contribute monthly, hopefully.

reading nothing more than the March issue of Marie Claire before bed this week. I have books to pick up from the library but the rainy days aren’t helping me want to leave the house once I get home in the evening.

listening to my space heater hum.

eating nothing at the moment, but I still have the empty bowl from these drunken beans beside me.

wishing for summer, or at least warm, sunny days. I love my new boots but I am so over them now. We need a break.

enjoying the calmness. My only weekend plan so far is to get my eyebrows waxed and that makes me so happy. I don’t want a bunch of plans for a while. I was overdoing more than I usually like the past few weeks.

drinking I wish my water bottle would refill itself, so nothing yet.

learning that I really really love my 50 mm lens. I just got done editing some photos I have taken this week, including this gluten free king cake I took to work Tuesday for Mardi Gras. Yep, I forgot to remove it from the Silpat before I decorated it.

missing that cake now that I see the photos. It’s still at work, hope it’s good in the morning. But seriously, I was talking to my great aunt on the phone earlier which always makes me miss my Peepaw.

thinking how I need to get up and shower. One of the things I hate the most about working out is having to shower afterwards. Nothing against showering, but it really sucks in the winter when the air is freezing by comparison after you get out from under the hot water.

using this is quite the open ended question. I’m using a Mac to type this. I’m using electricity. I’m using air to breathe. I’m using one hand to intermittently scratch my ear. I just used spellcheck to spell intermittently correctly.

What are you up to, currently?

*Borrowed from Amber