Sometimes people ask Patrick and I how we eat together since I am a longtime vegetarian and he is known as the guy who has frequently has “meat parties” at our house. It’s simple really, I don’t cook with meat and sometimes he eats it, and he cooks with meat (with no seafood allowed because it stinks) if he wants it. He’s been great about embracing my eating habits and likes to bring me home new types of faux meats to try. With the new Whole Foods Market opening recently, he’s been a few times and brought me back a plethora of new things from a brand I’ve never tried before: Field Roast Grain Meat Co.

Today’s focus is going to be on the Sausage Links in the Smoked Apple Sage flavor. In fact, eating my last one for breakfast is the inspiration for this post. At first I was a little leery of these but cooked up one to eat alongside my eggs. I prepared the link by removing the casing and placing it in a pan over medium heat with a little olive oil sprayed in the pan. The package wasn’t very clear on how to tell when the links are ready to eat, but to not overcook them. That first one wasn’t winning me over because I undercooked it and the middle never heated all the way through, leaving for an unsettling cold, chewy feeling in my mouth.

To heat it back up I threw it back in the pan and turned the heat back on medium, rotating the link until each side had a telltale blistering from the heat and then touched the inside with my finger to confirm that it was warm enough for me. Now that it was satisfactory in the temperature department, let’s move to the taste and texture.

The taste is complex, with a wonderful just-grilled smoky flavor throughout. If I didn’t know it was apple-sage flavored I might not be able to detect those notes, but since I do know I can tell that those flavors are there, though in a very subtle way. Other flavors available are Italian and Mexican chipotle, but these were so good I don’t know if I’d want to even try the others! The texture was hearty, and these sausages held together very well. They are able to be crumbled easily though if you mash the links with a fork in case you want to use them in a breakfast scramble. I can’t remember what real sausage is like, but I’d say that it does an amazing job of recreating the sausage experience.

One link goes perfectly with two eggs or a side of hash browns for a protein laden breakfast with excellent flavor. Now that we are out of these I’ll be picking more up at the Whole Foods next time we go. Mmm.