Sometimes I end up following people on Twitter that when I think about it, I have no idea how I ended up clicking on the Follow button. This might seem crazy, haphazard even, but trust me, it’s only ever ended up bringing me good things. In this instance it brought me an awesome necklace, honey, and cider.

One of those random people I ended up following was Jordan, who runs an Etsy shop- reSLICEd, and also sells her handmade jewelry at Soda City on Saturday mornings. When I saw a beautiful anchor charm necklace, I asked if she could make one for me and arranged to pick it up at the market Saturday morning. Her table was easy to spot!

She has a lot of great things, including these bird’s nest type charms (I love the one on the bottom right corner! And the garnet and black one at the top!):

Or you could be awesome and get an anchor like mine. Rumor has it they are also available in gold too, if your color palette taste swings towards the warmer tones on the spectrum.

But what you can’t have is a tattoo that matches your necklace nearly perfectly. That kind of excitement is just for me.

I didn’t really stay at the market long. I got my necklace, then got a donut and cider from Windy Hill Orchard & Cider Mill, and a jar of Bell Honey at Patrick’s request.

After I got all of that my purse was kind of heavy so I headed out.

And maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but I drank that entire bottle of cider by myself Saturday night at a little gathering at the house. It was the Peach Gala, and needless to say, it was FAN-TASTIC. However, at $13 a bottle, it’s nothing I plan to make a habit of. Although I DID just see on their Facebook page Monday night that they have a keg of the Peach Gala at World of Beer in the Vista… mmm. mmm. mmm.