I went to a food writing workshop put on by EMRYS today up in Greenville that I found out about thanks to the lovely Nichole of Gap Creek Gourmet. We went to lunch at High Cotton (which is worthy of its own post) and then the workshop. Here is what I wrote about the delicious pumpkin cake we ate and were prompted to write about:

I was intrigued as I heard the woman in the parking lot tell us that there was pumpkin cake from Everyday Organic inside, and that coffee was being made too. Pumpkin cake at a writing class, I thought. I’m sure we’ll end up writing about it. We sat in a square around the cool metal tables in the cozy community center that reminded me of my grandparent’s home with its faux wood paneling and brick fireplace painted a creamy off-white. I sat in the class, absorbing the information and ideas, and taking occasional notes, hoping that the click click clicking of my keyboard wasn’t bothering anyone else in the room.

About halfway through the session, the five of us gathered in the community center’s kitchen, where a cake sat on the counter, with cream colored frosting that matched the paint on the fireplace hearth imperfectly smoothed onto the surface of the cake. With the first slice removed and handed to me on a glossy black paper plate, I could more fully appreciate the cake as the scent of autumn poured out from the removed sliver. Fresh notes of ginger and robust nutmeg became more pungent as I lifted a bite of the rich copper hued cake to my mouth. As we each took bites, the sounds of involuntary “mmms” also filled the air.


And here’s my excuse for this short post today: I got the Young House Love book in the mail today while I was in G’ville! AH. I am going to read it SO HARD.