Friday morning I woke up wondering what to do in the cool, misty rain that was lightly falling. It was easy to want to stay in the apartment and sleep or just pet Woody but I didn’t fly across the country to just sit. The original plan was to take Kellie’s car and drive to the coast to touch the Pacific Ocean but I couldn’t bring myself to commit to the travel. So I leashed up Woody and we went to Multnomah Falls, which was only a 30 minute drive eastward. I had my phone GPS all geared up with the address and everything and headed out into the ever-present light mist.

The exit to take to get to MF reminded me a lot of driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. It just felt incredibly similar and comfortable, and of course, indescribably beautiful.Woody and I took a short walk from the parking lot to the lower level of the falls.

Then we walked up to the bridge crossing the falls and took a few photos, but didn’t stay very long because the water was actually splashing onto the bridge a bit and I was not in the mood to get any soggier than I already was feeling. It was gorgeous there, but we did not stay very long. If it was less wet we might have hiked up another mile or so to the next viewing area.

While on the interstate I realized that Washington State was just on the other side of the river to the right (when heading back towards downtown Portland)! I figured I’d take the chance to go visit another state and took the Vancouver exit. But then I realized… I didn’t know what in the world to do in Washington so I ended up filling up the car with gas and getting a Starbucks coffee in the state where Starbucks hails from. And that was my big Washington trip!

By that point I was ravenously hungry and drove to Alberta Street again since I knew there were multiple places to eat and that it was close enough to home. Woody hung out in the car with the windows cracked while I went to find something to nourish myself. At first I stopped in a French sandwich shop and bakery type place but they were being a little ridiculous about getting the five or so people standing around waiting for a table seated to I just left and walked farther down the street. A place called Halo Thai looked inviting though empty so I went in and got great service and the most amazing Thai food.

I ordered the Sweet Basil Lover with tofu and once again, dove into it with a ferocious hunger. It was red and green peppers, onions, and tofu bathed in the most aromatic and savory brown sauce I’ve ever had. Basil leaves sprinkled on the dish added a sweetly fragrant burst of freshness in most every bite as well. The tofu was fascinating, I’ve never had it like this before. It was cut into finger sized slices, and was crispy on the outside, even though it was covered in the sauce. I wanted to ask how they did it but figured I wouldn’t have any luck. I would give anything to have another plate of this for lunch right now. A mound of rice on the side soaked up the brown sauce, serving as a vessel for more of it to make me go “MmmmMMMM” as I scarfed it up like a wild animal. I couldn’t finish, unfortunately, but took a box with the rest to eat later.

I spent more of the afternoon just hanging out until it was time to go pick Kellie up from work. I feel like we had to have eaten something for dinner but can’t remember what it was. Apparently I lost some time in there but I DO know that we went to a food truck (the only one I got to visit on this trip yet I can’t remember the name or location of it), where we got a huge crepe called “Death by Chocolate” along with some little spongy cake things from the nice Asian lady running it. She gave us extra coconut because we were her last customers before she closed up for the weekend. This crepe traveled with us to Kellie’s friend Kelly’s house where we tried in vain to convince her to join us on our next adventure. She didn’t want to come, so we went to a very industrial area in a part of town Kellie hadn’t been to yet and drove up a hill to a place that looked like a cabin. We showed them our IDs and were given raffle tickets, as crazily dressed girls that worked there walked by, impervious to the cooler air that was blowing in from the outside. We were at Casa Diablo (NSFW), the world’s only vegan strip club. We went for the novelty of it more than anything, but it was kind of like watching a sporting event. Most of those girls were very athletic and limber. It was pretty fun, and to top it off, Kellie won a dance with her raffle ticket. We stayed about an hour and a half and didn’t feel skeeved out at any point. However, we agreed that if we didn’t know it was vegan from the get-go, we never would have known otherwise. What makes it vegan is that the people who work there aren’t allowed to wear leather or fur, and the menu is vegan. We did not try any of the food. But it was a fun experience, and makes for a hilarious story.