Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll! Hope you’re enjoying an evening with a movie or two or three (oh hey, Magic Mike is on DVD now? Suh weeeet). I’ll try to make this specific but also broad enough that most everyone can reflect on and think about how they too can and should appreciate these things more than one day a year.

1. Coworkers and a supervisor that I don’t dread seeing on a daily basis. When you don’t have that, you don’t truly know how much you’ll one day appreciate it every single day.

2. My amazing Rep Reebok class (and instructor!) that I am dedicated to taking every single Monday evening (except when I’m really sick or injured). I just love it. How else can an hour and fifteen minutes of crunches, lunges, tricep dips, weighted squats and other sucky exercise moves seem enjoyable and pass so quickly? It’s the love, that’s how.

3. The growing ability to appreciate variations in my routine. Before I started at my current job I liked keeping a very tight daily routine, and variations such as lunchtime errands sometimes threw off the whole feel of my day and it carried into the evening. But now that there are lots of outcomes in every minute of the day I’ve become more ok with things just being a way one day and not trying to conform every one to be like the last or the ones upcoming.

4. My side gig where I get paid money to write articles and get bylines. Although at the moment I’m really thankful I just sent in my most recent assignment. That one was hard.

5. Owning a home. OWNING IT. I can paint the walls over and over every week if I want! I’d be sad and alone because Patrick would leave me for doing that, but I COULD DO IIIT. In fact, I am excited to repaint the bathroom in the coming weeks since it has a bit of a peeling issue in the shower area now. Remind me in a few weeks that I once was excited to paint, because by then I might not be enjoying it so much. I can put a tire swing in the tree in the front yard (I really really want to do this, like really). I can install new doors.

6. My franzzzz. Sometimes its easy to feel lonely like you don’t have any friends because everyone is busy one weekend, but that’s just occasionally, and I really do have awesome people in my life. They go out and do and eat stuff with me, and we talk about things, in person, and on chat applications. Sometimes we get a bunch of them together for parties, and other times we sit on the couch and eat pizza and watch True Blood.

7. Family, though it feels much less organized now without our matriarchs and patriarchs to gather around, so keeping ourselves in touch and together is something that we have to try for, which makes it especially meaningful, I think. I like the adult relationships I have with my family members now that they can’t control me (because the last thing a control freak wants is anyone else telling her what to do, amirite?). Then there’s the family that I’ve acquired as an adult, including my husband, our pets, and my in-laws. I just like them all.

Switching gears, Thanksgiving also signals the beginning of the Christmas season, and I am glad I found out about an Ugly Sweater Ornament Swap being hosted by three lovely ladies in the Palmetto Bloggers group!


Ornament Swap with Danielle, Aubrey & Stephany!