I’m officially a paid, published magazine writer. My first article that puts me in the game can be found online at the Columbia Metropolitan Magazine website.

I am excite. Yes, excite. I’ll also have articles in the January issue, and hopefully many more going forward. Please be excite with me.

And of course I have a small laundry list of people who I can thank for helping me find my dream way to generate some income, since we all have to: my parents for encouraging my writing and reading addiction since I could grab books, my high school best friend Matt who told me we should join the newspaper after we got rejected from yearbook staff, my high school newspaper adviser Ms. Newton, my best friend Emily for helping me get the job that inspired me to start blogging and also for faithfully reading my stuff, Maureen who I met at that job too for believing in me and letting me write and copy edit the magazine, my beautiful noodle Patrick for not making fun of me, for encouraging me, and giving me ideas to blorg about, my other best friend Kara for going to fun events, restaurants and bars with me a whole lot, every single other friend I have who reads these words, Nichole for editing this article and making it make sense because I was freakin’, and the editor of the CMM, Emily, for taking a chance on some random that emailed her with a blog link and one clip. You’re all da best.

If you read that whole list of people to thank, you’re either the best or think you’re on it. Or both.