If you’ve wondered about the quietness here over the past week-ish, it’s because I have been waylaid by my yearly nemesis- seasonal allergies. Unfortunately, I don’t know what in particular I am allergic to, so it’s a guessing game and every October my body is under siege with a runny nose, stuffed ears and sinuses, an inability to do anything but mouth-breathe, and the subsequent sore throat that makes me sound like my gender is questionable.

I didn’t bother with the doctor because my glands weren’t swollen and because I am all too familiar with what’s going on with my body anyway, whereas they are only looking to send me out of there with an Rx as quickly as possible). My sinus artillery includes:

  • hot liquids- green teas, chai, coffee,
  • Vegetarian French Onion soup from Jason’s Deli (onions act as antihistamines, and the warm liquid is so soothing!)
  • Mucinex to dry out my sinuses
  • so much Kleenex
  • Liquor shots to sotthe my throat (including moonshine, more on that later!)
  • a list full of simple tasks that keep me moving

The last item on the list might seen strange, but I noticed on Friday morning (I stayed out of work sick Thursday afternoon through Friday) that when I sat down and tried to veg out in front of the TV or with a book that I was unable to breathe as opposed to when I was moving around the house, cooking myself some soup or whatever. So I got up and started doing tons of little things that I’ve been neglecting, like cleaning the windows and rearranging the linen closet and during the time I was busy, my sinuses drained more than before and I was able to breathe without even thinking about it!

Of course in the interest of not over-exerting my body I kept it to low key activities but it really did feel great to get those things DONE.

Things that haven’t worked for me include sriracha. Sorry, loving husband but while it did instantly clear my sinuses, the sizzling on my tongue lasted longer than the clearing effects! I do not recommend as a sinus clearing remedy. I recommend it as a food flavor enhancer though, in small doses.

I’m on the mend but still not 100%, which kills me since it’s a Monday, the night of my favorite workout class ever.  I will sadly be coughing up a storm instead of pumping iron but there’s always next week (both for me and the Gamecocks). Here’s hoping for a full enough recovery to be able to enjoy the Color Me Rad on Saturday morning!