I just found out about this event today and feel that it’s cool enough to warrant it’s own pre-event post: Moonshine & Muscadines is “an exciting new adult evening that explores South Carolina’s heritage of moonshining and muscadine wine.”

Well, color me interested (and buzzed, I hope!). As a lover of all things Southern and delicious, this sounds like one can’t miss event, so cross off whatever other less interesting thing you were doing and go to this instead! The ‘shine is provided by Dark Corner Distillery out of Greenville, where I knocked back a few samples before noon and can vouch for it’s smoothness. I can’t say that it’s authentic as what came out of the shed in your great uncle’s back yard, but it’ll do pig, it’ll do. I’d love to find out how it compares with backyard distillers, if anyone has any insight!