BRRR!! It’s freakin cold, South Carolina!! No me gusta, but it’s a great excuse to bust out the crockpot for some mindless chili cooking. I’ve been absent from here for a few days because I was in PORTLAND! It was an amazing time, and I have many photos and tales of things I ate and did that I can’t wait to share this week. I hope to anyways, because I’m on deadline for two YES TWO! magazine articles that I am excited to write!

So now that fall is clearly here, as we can tell from the blustery temps and rapidly dropping leaves, I wanted to take a minute to check in on my fall bucket list.

1. Eat or preserve everything I get from my CSA share this season. Give away things I don’t like to people who do (raise ya hands for collards and radishes) Zero wasting.

2. Go to the State Fair for lunch! – Went 10/19/12 with two coworkers! Ate fried butter!

3. Take the computer to blog and drink a happy hour cider at World of Beer, again.

4. Get a pumpkin spice latte and Twitter about it. You know what people, the salted caramel mocha is the fall Starbucks winner. Drink THAT. Done 9/24/12. Drank a PSL at my lunch bread and tweeted about it.

5. Tailgate at a USC game, which I have never done before, if you don’t count sitting outside of games selling t-shirts which I definitely don’t. I want to have a beer with thousands of other people wearing garnet. Then I will leave once the game is underway, because football is too hard to follow. (Completed 9/15/12, tailgated at the USC vs. UAB football game and rode my bicycle to and from the tailgate spot like a boss!)

6. Do something completely out of the ordinary with my mom and aunt for Thanksgiving since this is the first one without my grandfather and this was our favorite holiday because it was all about the food, no worrying about presents or anything other than eating, laying around reading the sale ads afterwards, and enjoying it. I love Thanksgiving foods but I don’t think I can handle pretending like everything is normal just yet. Any suggestions that don’t involve soup kitchens? We aren’t a soup kitchen kind of people.

7. And speaking of Thanksgiving, I will perfect my grandfather’s yeast roll recipe. People went absolutely bananas over these things. He taught me how to make them over the past few years, but I have never succeeded in getting them as puffy and round as he did. There’s nothing like chilly temps to make a good case for baking all day long trying to get it just right. Note to self: video tape this in an effort to capture the correct everything.

8. Finish tearing out all of the bushes and brick edging in the yard that I don’t want in preparation for making it beautiful in the spring. Searing temperatures and suffocating humidity this summer halted all outdoor efforts pretty quickly.

9. Get out of town for a day trip with my noodle. Greenville, Charleston? Both?! We’ll see!

10. Count down the days until I can check out the new Whole Foods (done 10/21/12) Trader Joe’s(!!!) that are slated to open this fall. Hint hint to any PR reps for those companies, I am an excellent person to invite to the media days I know you’ll have. Oh, and I’m also a $ucker for cool grocery stores and will $pend plenty and talk about it lot$. Update: TJ’s won’t open til late winter!

11. DOOBIE BROTHERS in concert at the Fair! My dad won tickets on the radio earlier this summer so we are set. Woah oh China Grove! This also helps accomplish my life goals of seeing as many classic rock bands as possible before they die. Went 10/20/12- it was an okay concert. Not my favorite. We were right up against the stage though, two rows back, standing!

12. The most exciting thing I’ll do this fall- fly to Portland, Oregon! 10/25-28. I was in different time zones for the first time ever. It was crazy. I ate at a food truck, took a little hike at Multnomah Falls, went to a professional soccer game in the rain, and took public transportation! Navigating a streetcar?? BANANAS!

Fall 2011:


Now all that’s left is preserving my harvest (going decent so far though I’ve lost some greens and two eggplants so far), drinking and writing at World of Beer, figuring out Thanksgiving weekend plans, trying my hands at my Peepaw’s yeast rolls, doing some landscaping (ugh, there’s so much I wish I could do in such a short amount of time!), and day trippin’. I am going to Greenville on Saturday for a food writing workshop with Nichole, but I don’t know if I’ll be making that one alone or not. Either way, I am making a stop at Trader Joe’s for some soyrizo because we are fresh out and the Columbia TJ’s isn’t slated to open until January/February 2013 according to the hot Columbia rumor factory.