We are one week deep into the crazy month of October and it’s just getting cranked up. Every weekend has something, if not multiple things going on and it’s going to be hard to keep up.  I’m so glad that I got this delicious and amazing caramel apple coffee from TJ  Maxx the other weekend. It’s not as bold of a roast as I usually drink, but the caramel apple flavor in it is so caramely with a hint of apple in each sip. This is just fueling my caramel apple obsession which I kicked off with caramel apple Milky ways last week.

What else… oh so there’s the Color Me Rad 5k that’s coming up. I need to maybe do a little running before that. I have read from other people that ran it that it got a bit backed up around the color points so that this is not the kind of race that you participate in to PR… aka lots of time to take some walk breaks! Works for me, since I have gotten out of the running swing of things during the hot, humid summer. Here’s hoping this race gets me back on track during this cooler, much less humid weather.

And to combine both caramel and colors, I’ve been mulling over a hair change. Losing about 2-3 inches of hair and adding in some highlights is something that is working in my brain. But highlights seem like a commitment. once you start them you have to maintain them or it looks terrible.

Then veering off from caramel, colors, and hair, the SC State Fair is opening up soon! I went down Rosewood Drive this past weekend and saw that there were some things already set up, like the ski lift chairs were already attached to the cables. Exciting! This year there will be some great music at the fair, most notably the DOOBIE BROTHERS! Can’t. Wait.

But back up to October 16th real quick because two fun things are happenings that night. The first is that the Historic Columbia Foundation is doing a tour of 701 Whaley. This is extra cool to me because I lived in the Olympia area for a year and a half during undergrad and got to see the changes made everyday in upgrading the facade and the interior of 701. And going into the neighborhood now it’s easy to see the positive changes that were spurred by this community event space being re-created. To sign up for the tour and for more information, click here and tell them that I sentcha.

The second fun event on October 16th is World of Beer’s Halloween Yappy Hour from 5:30-8:30 p.m.! I didn’t see any information about it on their website, so all of this info is from Facebook. They are teaming up with Pupcakes Pet Boutique and Bakery to host a pet costume contest, and there will be free dog treats and 10% off coupons for Pupcakes. They’ll also be selling dog costumes on site, AND you can enjoy a cold one with your pup. Yes, dog beer. DOG BEER. Radar has two costumes and has never had a real chance to wear them since I always buy dog costumes on sale after Halloween! Which event will we choose?? Decisions are hard!

Guess who just announced their official opening date? Whole Foods Market of Columbia!! On October 25th, we as Columbians can quit driving to Greenville or Mount Pleasant for a WF fix! And they are offering a sneak preview tour on the 21st and 22nd with registration and a suggested $5 donation to the Palmetto Conservation Foundation. YES. Once Trader Joe’s opens, I may never have to leave Columbia again (I will quickly undo this statement by saying…).

Then to wrap up the month is four days in Portland, Oregon! Any suggestions on things to do, eat, and drink while out there? Or any tips for surviving a plane ride that’s longer than an hour and a half? Or book suggestions, please!

And what are you doing this month? Any other fun things happening?