You know those time when you realize it’s been over a month since you’ve uploaded any photos off of your real cameras? Yeah, I’ve been bad. But it’s because I’ve been doing a LOT of fun stuff! This alone should disprove the notion that Columbia sucks, is boring, and offers nothing to do. And I didn’t even do or see half of the things that were offered, put on, displayed, or paraded in town.

Like hitting up the multitude of delicious restaurants in the Vista for samples of their finest bites at Viva La Vista 2012…

I got far too much amusement out of drinking at the intersection.

Then we walked to the Italian festival for some (not as exciting as we thought it would have been) food while we waited for the Rooftop Lounge at the Sheraton to open at 5 p.m. for some phenomenal daytime views of Columbia along with a few cocktails.

Can you see the Art Bar in this one below?

And that was all for that particular day.

This past weekend Kara and I were back out on the town, and hit up the Moonshine and Muscadines party at the South Carolina State Museum. That, however is another post so stay tuned next week for more details on this one!

This weekend was the SC Pride Parade and like last year, I was excited to see the floats and exuberance, in addition to supporting equality in this state, unlike the people towards the State House that I luckily didn’t see. Unlike last year, this parade was in the mildness of October instead of the sweltering heat of July! So glad they changed that up!

The CPD showed up again to support the cause.

The men’s derby team, the Carolina Wreckingballs were out in full force too! They were on roller skates pulling this…


That was the coolest “float” there! This too, will probably get it’s own dedicated post soon. But before the parade, also on Main Street was the newest thing to hit it on Saturday morning, Soda City!

My friends at Chill Out Pops were in the spirit of the day with their rainbow umbrella! Try their caramel apple pop while it’s still fall- it’s fantastic.

I have to say, when I first heard that the All Local Market was moving from a building to the uncoveredness of Main Street I was dubious, but seeing this in action really reminds me of the big, fun market they have in downtown Charleston every Saturday morning. This was a perfect October morning to be out there enjoying it. Crepes and Croissants owner Laurent Prescelti was out there making crepes to order on a cool round hotpan and the next weekend I’m in town I am going to get up close and watch him in action! I observed from a few feet back while he made a lady a crepe and it was impressive how easily he maneuvered that large flat circle as he flipped it over to cook the second side. Go check it out and tell me you aren’t fascinated by that technique.

And that’s enough photos for one post. See, how can you be bored in Columbia? All you need to do is step outside and there’s a variety of excitement right at your feet.