Billie Armstrong is right about the month of September sucking and preferring to experience as little of it as possible, at least this year. This month hasn’t been the best for a lot of people, but somehow it’s still managed to freaking fly by. I realized the other day that my posts have become a bit straightforward food only type posts and while that’s great and all, the posts that sometimes are the most memorable are the ones that are more straight from the heart of the author. So this may end up a rambling post, or it may end up great, or even somewhere in between.

1. My job is great. When I say “I don’t wanna go to work today” these days I mean I don’t want to leave the house and do anything, not that I don’t want to go into my particular job. And that’s a nice feeling. Been here three months and loving it.

2. Uh, it’s now autumn and kind of cold. I don’t like it. Yes, below 70 degrees is cold.

3. I haven’t felt 100% inspired to write the past two weeks or so. And I need to get okay with that instead of trying to force it too much. I’ve had other writing lulls and have come out of them with a vengeance once I acknowledged it and rode it out.

4. I really want to do some slightly offbeat color treatment to my hair, but don’t know what or if I would even want to bother maintaining it past the initial coloring.

5. Except that what I really want to do is buy a small business in about five years and own it/work at it and have my dad manage it,” it” being whatever is hot, profitable and not too talent intensive (like cake decorating) five years from now, much like fro yo shops of today. Maybe it’ll be doughnuts on sticks, or frozen bananas dipped with flavors and sprinkles, who’s to say? Then that can potentially help bankroll other businesses, again who knows what, but they’ll be good. And we’ll never have to look for jobs again because we won’t fire ourselves.

6. I was asked about Thanksgiving plans the other day. I don’t even want to think about holidays yet. Holidays are stressful except for the decorating and the lights. Can I just do that part this year? No presents (except for stockings from Santa), no forced getting together on specific days, and nothing that’ll remind me that things aren’t ever going to be like they were again.

7. I can’t wait for Viva La Vista on Saturday! Last year’s was freaking delicious. I’ll even ride my bike there if it’ll make Patrick come with me.

8. Twitter follow me?

9. Crossed an item off the fall bucket list– had a pumpkin spice latte that also helped get me out of my Monday funk.

10. I have a giveaway ready to roll out to ya’ll with some swaaaaag provided by Edward & Sons! Look for this next week. It’s gon’ be delicious and perfect for the cooler weather.