In the healthy living blog world there are plenty of people who bounce out of their beds and go for miles long runs all before having a cup of coffee, can you believe it? These are amazing people that I envy on some level, and know that I’ll likely never join their ranks. Morning just isn’t my time, and there’s a strong possibility it isn’t your time either. Anything that can be done to streamline the wake up and go to work routine is something that I will try out and adopt if it actually works, and this latest idea to speed up morning smoothie making that I found on The Kitchn actually works.

It’s so simple it’s ridiculous.

It’s separating out your smoothie ingredients into freezer bags! Instead of dragging out your different types of fruit, spinach, oats, protein powder and juice in the morning, you dump it all into the freezer bags and pop them in the freezer pre-mixed. In the morning, just dump one bag into your blender and add your juice, water and/or milk and blend.

It’s eco friendly too because the bags can be re-used without even needing to wash them, really. I’ve just dumped out the ingredients and put the bag right back into the freezer for next week’s batch. Check out how much space it saves!


It’s so simple and genius but I never would have thought about it without seeing it done before. Ta da! It’s saved me multiple mornings this week because with this dreary raininess it’s been hard to drag myself out of bed. Nothing like a cool, fruit smoothie to get you going in the morning at a reasonable hour that is not 5:30 a.m.

What do you do to streamline your morning?