I get around Columbia a lot (cue your jokes here, please) but due to time and mostly budgetary restrictions, I haven’t eaten at all of the restaurants around town yet. In an effort to not leave a single one off, I wanted to round them up, and maybe get some suggestions on the order in which they should be eaten, though this list is in no particular order:

  1. Baan Sawan – sometime in December. Cashed in a date night certificate.
  2. Cola’s
  3. Pasta Fresca – delicious, more fresh tasting than I was craving that particular day. will try again soon!
  4. brunch at 300 Senate – no longer available
  5. 2108 State Street (brunch and/or dinner)
  6. Solstice Kitchen & Wine Bar
  7. Wine Down on Main (admittedly not a place to EAT but still, I gotta)  Tiny little place to relax and have a glass with a close friend or two. They also carry Evolution Through Chocolate truffles and omg, try the red wine syrup truffle. Worth every single cent.
  8. brunch at Good Life Cafe
  9. fresh doughnuts from College Grounds Cafe
  10. Cafe Chartier

My goal is to get through all of these by the end of the year. Are you a Columbia food blogger and want to organize a group meet up at one of these places? Holla at me if you want to grab a bite to eat or organize, clearly we have options on where to go! This seems like a perfect way to organize my fall social calendar. Claim a restaurant, we’ll make a date. Emily R, this means u. Mr. Pblake, your wife would like a nice date night too. Jenn R, Solstice is near ya house. This calling out people is fun.

(Photo source: A. Walczesky)