Back in August I had a small cocktail party with my favorite booze drinking friends for a night of cocktail concocting, Circle of Death Playing, and delicious finger food snacking. The theme of the party was “use some herbs in your drink instead of sugary sodas and calorie filled mixers and write it down, oh and I’ll take photographs of the drinks too!”

We didn’t entirely limit ourselves to herbs though- fresh fruits and vegetables made their way into our cocktail glasses as well. Blueberries, limes, oranges, cucumber liqueur, rosemary, and lavender were popular mates for all manners of spirits, though clear ones mix easier. As I suspected, not one of us had a hangover the next day because it’s becoming a well-known fact that the main culprit for causing hellacious hangovers is sugar.

These drinks do still have some sugar, but not bucket loads. It’s more about the flavor and enjoyment, not about pounding them down and ending up facedown on the floor, though I do admit that the Firefly sweet tea blueberry concoction (second photo down) is so good that you could drink ten of them without thinking twice.

Lemongrass Soda (with Vodka)

Firefly Vodka Sweet Tea with Blueberry Syrup