Yo blogga,

I heard you live in the Columbia area and that you had a pretty awesome food blog, or that you were a frequent reader and admirer of the genre. Let’s get breakfast, maybe some sweets that our mothers might argue against us eating before noon, do a little shopping around at the best local goods and grows. Cool, see you this Saturday at 9:15 a.m. for an informal Columbia food blogger meetup at the All Local Market at 711 Whaley Street!

We’ll meet on the sidewalk between the front porch and the door that leads into the 701 Center for Contemporary Arts and I’ll even have a green balloon, like at the first official first meet up. You could also tweet me too and we’ll make sure we meet up.

If you want to see who is in the group first, maybe even to say hey, come join our Facebook group, where we talk about food, blogging, and what’s up about town. Bring some cash and a reusable bag so you can fit in plenty of greens, flowers, goat cheese, raw goodies and more. You know you want to.


The CFBs