Good morning ya’ll! If you’re reading this on Saturday morning I am sloggging through having a yard sale at my mom’s, which is never terribly fun. I much prefer to donate everything to Thrift Avenue and them claim it as a charitable donation on my taxes to save the time and effort, though the payoff doesn’t come until tax time! Anyways, I know you don’t care because what you’re really here for is to see if you’ve won the chance to run for FREE in the Color Me Rad 5k that’s being held here in Columbia on October 20th! Isn’t that why you clicked on this link? Or was it for shirtless men running?

Either way, you’re a winner!

Especially if you’re…

@carolina_tweets who says “Awesome giveaway! I’ve done 7 5ks. My favorite color is green! My twitter is @carolina_tweets.”


…and Shelley Rhea who says “Favorite color… Pink! Twitter… @chezrhea, ran in ONE 5k! First one in April!”


Congrats ya’ll!! Super excited to be giving these away and can’t wait to see you there in living color!

Please email me to get your free registration! If you don’t email me by Tuesday Sept 4th at 11:59 p.m. EST to claim the prize I reserve the right to choose another winner.