Don’t watch this at work, or if you do turn it off before :26.

So let’s get some meatloaf!! I haven’t had meatloaf or even thought about making a vegetarian version ever in my life but I stumbled across this recipe and the reviews are absolutely stellar. This was a perfect lazy, rainy Sunday afternoon recipe and kind of got me going through the rest of the day! I used this recipe from and subbed in two ounces of Bold & Spicy A1 sauce and two ounces of ketchup where it called for spaghetti sauce. Like the comments suggested, I used two eggs instead of one, and also added in three tablespoons of bread crumbs because my mixture was looking a bit soupy. And my last tweak was covering the top in ketchup before baking which turned out to be the perfect touch since it caramelized and added another layer of flavor.

My resident carnivorous taste tester said that I’d never be able to replicate the texture of meat, to which I replied that this was merely a vehicle for the ketchup and barbeque sauce, as well as being an excellent hit of protein and fiber! MMM.


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