Week 4 of recipe sharing is upon us, and this week is a really cool one that actually is the reason why I bought (expensive) black rice, also known as forbidden rice. Found and starred in my Google Reader since JANUARY, this wild rice salad with miso dressing from Sprouted Kitchen is actually in the process of getting made right now as I type at 6:48 p.m.!

I made the tofu as directed in the link except I sliced mine into thinner strips and woah, it is REALLY good. Eat by itself good. There may not actually be any left for the salad by the time the rice gets done cooking. I decided while in the grocery store today to try sprouted tofu and I think I’m a convert. It tastes and feels the same but it’s easier to digest sprouted. Who would argue against digestibility?


Get In On The Sharing

Just share a recipe that you’re looking forward to preparing for yourself, your family, for the office, or for a party, with a link back to the original source, maybe a photo, and perhaps any adjustments you’re planning to make. Grab the code below to link back for all of the sharing, then please leave a comment with your URL for the day (temporary until I find a link up widget that I like! Please recommend any you use and love). Also, against my better judgement, I am going to try using the hashtag #rilf for tweeting our recipes! I can’t wait to see what new ones come through!


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