Now that obligations that I have in October are nailed to specific dates, I’m free to register for the Color Me Rad 5k on October 20th! At first I was hoping that my obligation would fall on this weekend so I’d be free to run the Ray Tanner Home Run again this year on October 13th, but now that weekend is taken I’m really looking forward to the CMR! At first I filed it under E for Ew No Way in my mind, where the thought of doing the USMC Mud Run is permanently located. But after seeing photos and recaps from where so many others throughout the country have run it, I’ve changed my mind!

Does this image make your breath catch just a little from the powdery crap EVERYWHERE or is it just me? I am wondering one huge thing about this race: How do you keep from sucking tons of colored cornstarch right into your delicate lungs?? SOMEONE TELL ME and also click on the image below to fork over your $40 to register and get covered with weird color powder with me! Look how easy I’ve made it for you, no excuses.

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