This weekend has really flown by. I could use a little more rest and of course more time to relax and get things accomplished. At this point of the day I’m trying to decide what’s more important- relax or accomplish. The weekly meal plan this week is a hodgepodge. Some items are left over from last week that never got made but still should be! The rest is mostly favorites and easy recipes, with one new one tossed in from a cookbook that Patrick bought for me:

I haven’t had the chance to really read it but have perused it to see what’s within. Patrick has also been told to go through and bookmark some items he wants since he bought it! In the credits section the recipe from this book is noted as MLMC.

Credit where credit is due: Silken chocolate pudding and egg lemon sauce- see last week’s meal plan. Nachos, quiche, pizza are my own recipes. Grilled veggies with marinade on quinoa- look for that recipe upcoming this week. Zucchini & corn studded orzo, MLMC. Peach ice cream from The Perfect Scoop: Ice Creams, Sorbets, Granitas, and Sweet Accompaniments.

On tap for sure today is heading to Earth Fare to take advantage of their 20% off bulk coupon that I received in my email earlier in the week from being signed up for their emails. Making the ice cream, hummus and something for dinner tonight are also in the works, and that’s IT. Then it’ll no doubt be relaxing time.

What are you eating this week that’s super awesome? Share?