And we’re back with the weekly meal planning, plus an exhilarating three store grocery gather trip yesterday. This truly is real excitement here, people. Like I referenced last week, meal planning has started to feel like going through deja vu- eating the same things over and over, or putting them on the meal plan but never following through with making them.

I’m putting it out there that on Friday night I got my stack of cookbooks out and arranged myself with the books, a pad of paper and a pen, and a snack to go through the books for inspiration and things I have been wanting to try but haven’t, or things I haven’t made in a while. A large grocery list was made, no item or expense was spared on this stock-up trip, and I went crazy. Alas, this week’s meal plan was hatched. It’s not as cooling as I might have liked, but there’s no oven cooking involved, and it’s an array of different tastes and cuisines.

Credit where credit is due: Tropical Lime Tofu (p. 179) , Egg Lemon Sauce (p. 76) , Yellow Split Pea Dip (p. 71), Silken chocolate pudding (p. 335) are all from The Moosewood Restaurant Cooking for Health. Ginger garlic tofu and broccoli is on the recipes page, and the drunken noodles recipe is under development. But let me tell you I experimented last night and it. was. good.

I’ve got a lot of exciting posts planned for this week so stay tuned!! In the meantime tell me, have you ever passed up on a night out to stay in and read? Was it worth it to you?