UPDATE: March 5, 2013- This restaurant is CLOSED and has been replaced with a bar called Bird Dog’s.

There have been a few pretty absurd-seeming “fusion” restaurants popping up in Columbia the past few years, and most of them are fusing one cuisine or another with tacos. The first one that piqued my interest was when there was a rumor floating around about an Irish taco pub. What the what? It’s been open for well over a few months now, and I finally made it to Senor O’Malleys, the Irish pub taco shack down in Five Points.

A few weekends ago a few friends decided we were going to Go Out and have a mini Bar Crawl Night, so we fluffed up our hair, strapped on heels, and started our night o’ fun with some tacos to line our bellies against potential alcohol poisoning. We started at Senor O’Malley’s, despite it being beside Columbia’s dingiest death-pit, otherwise known as Bey’s. It’s a very simple, plain looking restaurant that you can tell used to be another run of the mill Five Points-esque bar but I was hoping what they lacked in atmosphere they made up for in deliciousness or food and inexpensiveness of beer. They even had not ONE! but TWO! vegetarian suitable tacos in case you were wondering, and I know you were.

My friends and I shared a guacamole appetizer, and I’ll admit to not being a guac connoisseur, but this guacamole was excellent. It was a lovely creamy but not too pureed consistency, without the enormous tomato chunks that some places like to throw in there for fun. The seasonings weren’t overwhelming and they blended in well throughout the avocado mix. I would absolutely eat this again. I might even go there specifically to have this, but I wouldn’t sacrifice my life to go on that block of Five Points on a dark Saturday evening.

Of course I had to try both vegetarian tacos, the McPat’s Veggie Taco and the Bean (vegan!) taco. All tacos come with a choice of a hard or soft shell, but not being too picky about these things I told them to use whichever ones they felt worked best. The bean taco came with a soft shell and the McPat’s came with a hard shell, a decision I would reverse i the future. The soft shell would conform better around the veggie nuggets in the McPat’s taco, which are just smaller less patty shaped versions of their chickpea and walnut based veggie burger mixture.

My favorite though was the bean taco. Sometimes you just can’t beat the classics. And again, it’s touted as vegan friendly on their menu, which I love that they even thought to point it out.

All of this was washed down with a delicious, though not at all Irish, Miller Lite. Mmm mm! My friends thoroughly enjoyed their meals there and said that they were glad to have finally gone to eat there. We’d all wanted to, but for one reason or another we never followed through on actually going.

All in all this was a very inexpensive meal, which pleased me because that left more money for booze at the next bars on the list. They do have half price burgers and tacos on Tuesday nights, so it can get even more affordable to fill up there! The server even divided up our guacamole amongst our three bills without us even having to ask, which was a nice touch! I can’t really recall much about the service, which means that it was solid and efficient without being over the top amazing, which is really all you need to ask for in a regular taco-bar style establishment. We all left with full bellies, full wallets, and ready to keep rocking through Columbia!

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