Columbia is going to be oozing with delicious, ripe red goodness this weekend with the Palmetto Tasty Tomato Festival this weekend! Check out their website for the full scope of events on Sunday.

I won the medium sized share from Pinckney’s Produce by entering my Beer Quinoa Battered Okra in their photo contest!! Their fall CSA season kicks back into gear in September and believe me, I am EXCITED! Thank you to each and every person out there who “liked” my photo to the top!

The Columbia Food Bloggers Facebook group is growing! It’s pretty awesome and I am excited for what is to come. I’d love to volunteer as a group somewhere that can tie back into the purpose of the group- foodiness! Any suggestions for volunteering efforts in the Midlands?

Blueberry season was harshly and abruptly halted in most of South Carolina due to the bizarre weather on the first weekend of July. Apparently the delicate berries aren’t meant to withstand extreme heat one day and then golf ball sized hail the next. Before planning a trip to the blueberry fields, check and see if they are still open to the public.

World of Beer in the Vista is hosting an Allagash beer dinner on Tuesday, July 17th! They are teaming up with Motor Supply to offer perfect pairings of beer and food. This is to be the first of many beer dinners they are offering in the future, so go support this effort! More information can be found here. Mmm!

Taco Bell recently airlifted a truck to Bethel, Alaska to pacify the residents when the rumors they head about the taco shack opening in their town turned out to be untrue. Seems like a lot of effort to get people who are already low on the list for America’s Health Rankings. Anyone ever thought to send a vegetable truck up there since surely vegetables aren’t popping up in the icy tundra?

Know any delicious news? Please share!!