Stuffed acorn squash, soyrizo quiche, spaghetti? Ungh, all hot foods seemed to be a good idea when I was making a quick menu Sunday, based mostly on what was around the house and what required the least amount of grocery buying feasible. I ended up not needing to get groceries because Patrick got the one necessity (milk!) on a run to the store for other stuff, and I have been eating leftovers and making half-assed meals in a subconscious effort to avoid the oven.

In the spirit of being cool and brief, here are some inspiring recipes that have caught my eye as tasty, healthy, and requiring as little use of heat sources as possible that are going to make their way through the kitchen and into my belly through the next two hottest months of the year!

Add suggestions please! I need to get out of the cook, cook, cook mindset and more into the raw, cold, easy food way of cooking!