At first I was very hesitant about mixing my blogging with Facebook, but the more social media becomes integrated the more it’s having to happen for a healthy, open social media life. People are most likely to use Facebook as the hub of their online life, keeping track of friends there, making plans on there, using it as a social calender by joining and creating events, and chatting with multiple friends through group chats.

In this vein, I have decided that a Facebook group would be the best platform for a social group for the Columbia Food Bloggers. Since I don’t have everyone’s emails/contact info, etc, please direct your browser here to join the Columbia Food Blogger Facebook group. Can’t wait to get everyone in!

Despite the fact that it’s too hot to function or even imagine going outside I thought of a super fun idea for a new CFB event- an edible plant walk like this one that was done recently. Cooking with what can be found out in the woods behind your own home, what could be more sustainable? These are the kinds of ideas I’d like to get out of the Facebook group! Again, please join and tell me how you’d like to do a plant walk, or post your own ideas!

On a completely different note, today’s weekly meal plan is going to be postponed until tomorrow because it’ll be my last Pinckney’s Produce delivery for the summer, which is coming earlier than normal due to the July 4th holiday. I see lots of salads in my future because frankly, it’s too damn hot to be cooking.

If I may add one more tidbit about Pinckney’s (and Facebook!), please feel free to “like” my photo on their wall so that I can win a medium size fall share! I’m super excited about it, and have noticed that about ten more of my friends have liked their page through liking my photo! I love when things like that actually work in favor of the company/organization.