Do you have Olympic fever? Yeah, I really don’t either, but the summer games are infinitely more interesting than the winter ones. The events that most interest me are ones that I used to participate in when I was growing up, namely gymnastics, especially the uneven bars, and the women’s hurdles. Do you feel the same way, only watching events that you can relate to through former or current participation in the same sport?

I did gymnastics from fifth grade up through the beginning of seventh grade, but my height and my fear of breaking my neck quickly made it less fun that it was. Trampolining was getting to be the only fun aspect of it, and the one we had at home was way better than the one at the gym anyways.

In seventh grade I decided to try out for the track team, where the team consisted of seventh through twelfth graders all training together. Seventh through ninth graders had separate JV events, but really good runners could compete with the older girls in the varsity events, which seemed terrifying as a little seventh grader. I didn’t go through with making the team that year and waited until eighth grade to really commit. My coach decided that I would make a good hurdler and he was right because I fell in love with it after the first jump. I kept with it and ran for five years, through eleventh grade.

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I much preferred the 100 meter hurdles, even placing first one glorious time in Midlands Valley High School back in 2002. The 400 mete hurdles often saw me cruising in last place, lazily stepping over the last hurdle in the stretch tens of seconds after all of the other girls had crossed the finish line. Watching those Olympics women glide lightening fast over those hurdles brings back those memories of being in the middle of the bright green field with our backwards facing track, stretching with my teammates on those warm, breezy afternoons, and even coaching football players who were “cross training” on proper form, and to not be afraid of the hurdles.

If you’re so inclined, here’s a listing of the various sports so you can see what time your sports of choice are on.

In a very loosely related way, I wanted to discuss a fitness app that I am in love with lately and use on a regular basis called GAIN Fitness. I found out about it from Janetha a few months ago (maybe more, by now!) and immediately downloaded it to my iPhone. I’ve started using it a few times weekly since I canceled my gym membership after getting my new job due to making less money and also having access to facilities. I’ve been more interested in getting back into weight lifting.

It’s something that I used to love when I was working as a trainer and kept up with regularly. Showing off my “guns” was a point of pride, and I tried and failed at getting muscular bulk. The GAIN app is perfect for everyone, beginners to even certified personal trainers because it lets you customize every aspect of the workout. You choose how long you want go workout, if you’re at home, the gym, or on the road, and what parts of the body you want to focus on- or you can choose a full body workout. The app then creates a new workout for you each time that can include warm ups and cool downs too. The screen shows you how to execute each move, and incorporates rest times so there’s no guessing at all.

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If you don’t like a particular move you can scroll through and find another similar replacement which is a feature I really appreciate because I hate regular pushups, so I can just replace them with wall pushups or another move to target the same muscle group!

My new lifting routine is not incredibly intense yet since I am building my muscles back up from a few months of not using them to their potential. Two or three times a week I turn on the TV in the living room and use our Roku to watch old episodes of 30 Rock while I bust through a 30-50 minute GAIN routine with my three through 10 pound weights, and supplement with some indoors hula hooping too.

It’s been a fun and encouraging way to get back in the swing  of lifting without having to write up my own workout plans. I currently am using the free version of GAIN Fitness but absolutely am going to pay the $2.99 to download the expansion pack as soon as this weekend to have access to even more lifting routines and customization options!

Disclosure: I was not paid or perked to write about the GAIN Fitness app, I just really do love it that much and am so glad I learned about from another blog that I wanted to share it and its benefits here too.