This week’s meal plan is based on buying the least amount of groceries possible (post store trip update: I managed to only spend $43, cha ching). One reason is because we have lots of random types of food and another is because I went a little bananas and leaked money like it was water during my first two days of funemployment (the days I took off between the old job and starting the new one).

See where it says SECRET CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES?! I have an idea for a local recipe contest (I need to make sure I didn’t miss the deadline, actually) and in my head it’ll be delicious! I hope it’s delicious in my mouth too.

Credit where credit is due: Tabbouleh from here, going to try this chowder recipe, and the rest are my own concoctions. Once I win this recipe contest (assuming I am not too late for it, of course) I’ll post it and a photo of my blue ribbon. Until then, happy eating. What are you putting in your belly this week?

I started typing this post around 1 p.m. and it’s after 8 p.m. now and I have no better thoughts to add. It’s a rainy, barely-leave-the-house, Parks & Rec marathon, put little effort forward kind of day. So shall this post be as well.