When I was working in West Columbia, or over off of Broad River Road I usually knew about the awesome things going on downtown but I was just far enough away that I couldn’t make it. Now with my new job being in the epicenter of the action, I can pretty much be a part of the action and fun as long as I can walk to, enjoy, and walk back from it in the span of an hour. Today was a prime example with the Gamecocks having to play their elimination game at noon because it got rained out last night.

I saw a tweet from the Nickelodeon Theater that they would be playing the game on the screen and being well within walking distance I planned to eat lunch at the desk and head on over around 1:30 p.m. With the game moving so quickly it was a snap decision that made me leave and head down there because I thought, “This is what I wanted to be down here for. I wanted to be downtown to experience the awesome things that daytime in Columbia can offer someone!”

So in the middle of the sixth I strolled down to Immaculate Consumption and got an iced coffee and walked next door to the Nick where a few guys were sitting in the theater watching the game.

To better illustrate the size of the screen and the awesome level, I got a wider shot during a commercial.

Awesome. Thanks so much to ya’ll over at the Nick for this! It was glorious, and I am glad to be one of the few who got to see the game won in the biggest format in town. Plus hiding out in the cool respite of a darkened theatre reminded me that catching a movie is probably one of the best ways to spend a hot Carolina summer afternoon.

I may be eating my words in the fall, but so far working in downtown Columbia is the best!