Ever wonder about the origins of the Piggly Wiggly grocery store and why it was called that? After a brief (emphasis on brief) amount of research I found two wholly unsatisfying answers, but here they are. Etymology aside, Piggly Wiggly is starting to re-emerge as a real champion of the local foods movement that has been turning regular joes into proud locavores over the past few years. The Devine Street Piggly Wiggly decided to take it to another, fun level by having a locals food party today, which I dragged Patrick to with the promise of pickles and more.

There were a lot of vendors there, about half of them selling barbeque sauce and the store was pretty packed for a Saturday morning. We stopped by an endcap crammed with local goodies, some we had enjoyed before but never knew were homegrown.

We wandered around the store and sampled salad dressing, cookies, pickles, Patrick had all of the barbeques, and before we were going to get in line I saw It. PIG SWIG! I had been trying to find it in Piggly Wigglys in the area since it came out because it’s made by Thomas Creek Brewery in Greenville and I know Patrick loves their beers. We beelined it for the beer aisle and got a six pack of both the Pig Tail Ale and the Pig Pen Pilsner.

The real reason I knew about this event was from the Charleston Pickle Company’s Facebook page, so we stopped by to visit their booth and taste some delicious cold pressed pickles. Did you know that their pickles are the only ones sold in the nation that aren’t canned? Not putting them under the stress of heat while canning helps to preserve the crunchy cucumber texture, which as a lover of all things crunchy, I am all in favor of.

We didn’t just load up with beer, pickles and cookies from the Charleston Cookie Co., though. Before getting in the checkout line we also got a bag of Carolina Plantation grits, and I saw that Palmetto Cheese was on sale for $3.99! It’s normally $5.99 a pop, so we scooped up both plain and bacon flavors.

Our haul epitomizes all things Southern: beer, pickles, grits, cheese, and bacon. If we also had a watermelon, boiled peanuts and cigarettes that would about round out a redneck’s shopping cart buggy. The beers are currently chilling in the fridge, awaiting tastes and reviews which will appear next week! The party is over by now, but the sale prices may hold through the weekend so run on out there and get you some local South Carolina goodness in your mouth, ya’ll.